I began my formal art education at Parsons School of Art & Design in NYC where I studied calligraphy, layout and design.  Years later, after dabbling with various media, I took a serious interest in acrylic painting and learned techniques from professional artists at various schools including the Woodstock School of Art.  I have now been painting for over fifteen years and it is truly one of my passions in life.  About seven years ago, I decided to try my hand at pottery and was instantly captivated by the challenge of mastering the art of throwing clay.  I have always felt a deep connection to clay, its’ history and versatility and now as a potter I find the rewards of throwing a successful piece immeasurable.   Of course, throwing clay isn’t always successful and there are the occasional “flops” which I find frustrating, but it’s all a learning experience.  Overall, I truly enjoy painting as well as pottery which, for the most part is inspired by my love of nature.  

My introduction to art began as a child through the inspiration of my father who had a natural talent for sketching, drawing, painting and woodworking.   A typical childhood evening could involve a sketch book creating cartoon characters,  painting by numbers (on black velvet for that special occasion..lol), modeling clay or just doodling.   Obviously, these childhood activities along with a familial talent tremendously impacted my life.  As an adult, it was only natural that I likewise encouraged the arts and passed along an artistic passion to my children who then took it to another level.  They found their niche in illustration, design, printmaking and photography.  You can check out their original artwork at their website www.wearebrainstorm.com.   I am extremely proud and grateful to be a family of three generations of creative talent.



With the recent emergence of the paint –and-sip industry, I have been inspired to utilize my painting skills as an instructor.  I have created numerous original paintings which can be seen on the “painting party” tab.  I typically create new paintings on a weekly basis so please check back often to see new additions.  These paintings are instructed by me in a relaxed atmosphere with music, snacks and BYOB.  In addition to all the fun, my classes consist of artistic suggestions, technique and guidance along with step- by- step instructions to help you create a painting to be proud of.   All of the materials are supplied by me including canvas, table top easel, paints, brushes, palette plates, water containers and table cloths.  An event is typically 2 - 3 hours depending on the painting and can be scheduled at your home.  All you need to provide is a room in your home, a bunch of friends and good cheer.  The cost is $28.00 per person and the host/hostess is free of charge with a minimum of eight people..  


All the pottery shown on my website is hand made by me, either wheel thrown or hand built and can be purchased at my etsy site.  Link provided



As seen by on my calligraphy tab I offer several styles of elegant hand printed calligraphy.  

These styles include Copperplate, Italic, Modern Italic and Gothic

My prices range from $1.25 - $2.00 per outer envelope plus $.25 - $.50 per inner envelope.

Send me an email with your details and contact information